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More About Parkview Farm Duck Eggs

 Duck Eggs From Tourlestrane Co. Sligo

  • Natural Parkview Farm Duck Eggs
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Pesticides
  • No Hormones

Are you allergic to chicken eggs or do you have an allergy to chicken? Good question!

Just taste a duck egg from Park View Farm to realise how good duck eggs really are.

Duck eggs from Parkview Duck Farm are exceptionally good eating & a favourite ingredient for all sorts of cooking and baked produce. Bakers know duck eggs make baked goods rise better & taste richer.

Tending to and managing our ducks is a love of all members of our family, as much as it is a business. The selling of their eggs is to help people choose a great diet and also assist those suffering from allergies to other fowl products.

Whatever the ducks are fed will effect the taste and quality of the eggs they produce. At park view farm we give our ducks a caring wholesome life, with plenty of fresh west of Ireland air, spring water, and as much sunshine as Irish weather permits. Our ducks eat well and naturally. They have a diet full of greens, seeds, bugs and the best quality free-range feeds. That is what gives the totally wholesome taste and such rich yokes.

Our ducks live the ideal life for as long of the day as they like. Being able to range allows their eating a diet of greens, grasses, seeds and bugs, while dabbling in mud lakes and bathing in the sun. They exercise by foraging all day long!

We assure you we use no chemicals, no antibiotics and no hormones.

You you can eat Parkview Farm duck eggs with confidence.

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